Thursday, January 27, 2011

the decor list

I am still mourning the loss of Christmas decorations.  Ok, that's a lie.  We still haven't taken them down... I know, I know, it's mid late January, but like I said last time, I am just worried the room is going to be so boring without them; I'm just not ready for it!  You are probably asking yourself, "what, little miss Minnesota, are you going to add to your living room to fill the void?"  Well, my curious readers, I am going to make a bar.  Sorry Mom and Dad... but I promise to make it a classy one.

Here are a few choices for the base of your new watering hole:
1.  cb2, peekaboo clear console, $349
2., $229
3.  ikea, $199
4.  ikea, $79.99
5.  west elm, $549
6.  pottery barn, $399
7.  pottery barn, $299

Now, you of course need to add a tray to protect your lovely new table/cart of choice.  No one likes a water spot!
1.  z gallerie, $29.95
2.  z gallerie, $54.95
3.  cb2, $34.95

Next, the lovely glassware and protectors of our precious spirits:
1.  cb2, cocktail shaker, $14.95
2.  cb2, champagne bucket, $39.95 (already planning my Saturday morning brunch with Mimosas!)
3.  crate&barrel, decanter, $39.95
4.  cb2, martini glass, $5.95
5.  cb2, city glassware, $0.95-1.95

Now, I obviously wouldn't just leave the top of the table plain.  Follow the jump to read how to style up your new bar!

I love the layered look myself: a mirror, a few pictures in front of it, a lamp or vase of flowers sitting on a stack of old books off to the side.  Play around with it depending on the length and depth of your bar.  If you choose a free-standing bar, I would recommend a nice vase of flowers off to the side corner.  If you picked the clean IKEA table, toss a lamp on the side, and depending on what else you have going on in your room, layer the pictures below it.  See below for some of my favorite layering pieces.

Here's the list:
1.  z gallerie, vintage flight art, $89.95
2.  z gallerie, jaguar photo, $69.95
3.  target, classic beveled mirror, $39.95
4.  target, crystal table lamp, $69.95
5.  z gallerie, echo convex mirror, $59
6.  crate&barrel, cooper tall vase, $25

Finished product?

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