Tuesday, August 30, 2011

in the sunshine

a b & the sea: theme song for a florida vacay.

makes us happy.

stretch it out.

love a mini bag!

fix the hair.

love my hubby for being temporary photog on the beach.

jacket: gap (circa 2008), romper: forever21, 19.80, necklace: forever21, 8.80, purse: banana republic, shoes: tommy hilfiger

more options; the list:
1.  jacket: zara, $89.90
2.  purse: asos, $27.44
3.  shoes: zappos, bcbgmaxazria, $148.75

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wish List

We can't imagine a lover o' fashion out there that doesn't have a Wish List. There is always something new and beautiful that can be added to our closets. Tallahasse is off traveling the world/practicing her modeling on the streets (that made her sound a bit hooker-y.. oops), so today I am sharing The StyleLists' WishList. We have about 8 outfits almost blogworthy, but they are each just missing one piece to make them perfection. Here's what we need:

 Blue Blouse

   The Perfect White Blazer
                                                                                                                                                          photo: Atlantic-Pacific

Polka Dots. Lots and lots o' dots!

White Blouse

Skirts:  Leopard & Sequin (knee length) & Sheer (full length baby!)

And finally, stripes. Both horizontal and vertical

So, get excited for some new, lovely outfits to come! Oh and wish our credit cards luck......

Friday, August 19, 2011

barkeep's whimsy

objective: meeting the hubby for after-work drinks at Comstock in North Beach:

looking normal.  got a little nervous about modeling, so our first venture is into the backyard, as opposed to taking pictures out and about.  in public.  for all to see.

trying to concentrate on walking naturally leads to a tongue sticking out.

modeling skills, are you in there?

accessories close up!

getting abducted via the crazy spotlight in the backyard.

...and we lost her.

shirt: j crew, shorts: urban outfitters, belt: express, bracelets: j. crew & chico's (gifted from Minnesota's mom), clutch: express

Here are more options:
1.  red shorts: revolve clothing, j crew, j crew, urban outfitters
2.  bracelets: j crew
3.  clutch: express
4.  shoes: aldo
5.  belt: piperlime

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Style

Good morning lovely followers!

We here at The StyleLists have to decided to change our format a bit. While we still LOVE to check out what the celebrities are wearing-and show you how to do it on the cheap- we have found that some of the most inspiring outfits come from real girls blogging their stuff. At first we struggled to come up with a overall style as we, Tallahassee and Minnesota, are very different. Silly girls, those are some of the best things about fashion: opposites attract, mix high and low, the ability to change your look every single day! So, we will be taking turns modeling (we use that term VERY loosely), using the combination of our wardrobes (and our friends' wardrobes as we are still on a budget), and perhaps most exciting, trying out different looks. 

We are looking forward to expanding our own style repetoire, and we hope you all feel inspired as well. Added bonus? We will be modeling our looks with our favorite places in the city as a backdrop. Check back tomorrow to see our first attempt at the new look! We hope you enjoy, and of course let us know if you have any feedback! 

~The StyleLists