Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the wish list

We have decided to dedicate Wednesdays to our ultimate designer wish lists.  Because, while we love to put the perfect outfit together on a budget, playing pretend dress up is always fun (and quite depressing)!  First up, the genius Michael Kors.

Now, you may be asking yourself, how, out of all the designers, did we decide to start with MK?  It's simple, really:  there is a bag that I really, really want from Mr. Kors, and once I started obsessively looking at it both online and in stores, I realized I couldn't stop adding things to my wish list.  Here is the edited version (honestly, we couldn't stop!); hope you enjoy!

here's the list:
hamilton tote, $328,
(Couldn't decide which color.  We'll take it in orange, black, brown, and navy.  Thanks!)
crossbody, $148
gia leather satchel, $695
ipad case, python, $130
metallic coat, $300
trench, $2895
flounce dress, $1995
sequin dress, $400  ... this one goes without saying
goddess dress, $2995
(How do I not have a Goddess dress in my closet?!  I'm going home tonight and just naming one that.  You should all do the same!)
rose golden watch, $250
golden oversized runway watch, $250
fingerless gloves, $59.50
bar wrap belt, $695
montrose sunglasses, $85

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