Friday, January 28, 2011

the wish list: alcohol edition

This past week, my husband and I attended a cocktail making class hosted by our favorite SF eatery, Beretta.  Located in the Gourmet Ghetto (aka the Mission), Beretta is know for their delicious pizza and even tastier cocktails.  Once a month, they'll be passing along their knowledge of spirits to the general public.  Their first class, held this past Monday, focused on all things whiskey-related.  Yum.

Drinks we made included: a House Whiskey Cocktail (the first "Old Fashioned"), a Mint Julep, and a Whiskey Flower (whose ingredients include St. Germain Elderflower Liquour and lemon juice; so goooood).

As we sat behind our bar station, muddling mint and measuring syrup, I started to dream of stocking our tiny bar at home.  Needless to say I came up with quite the shopping list:

here's the liquor list:
templeton rye
wild turkey 101 rye
russel's reserve bourbon
st germain elderflower liqeur... yum

and the mixers:
angostura bitters
orange bitters
small hand foods gomme syrup

here's the list of tools:
jigger, $4.99
cocktail shaker, $29.95
bar spoon, $16.95
hawthorne strainer, $7.95
muddler, $14.95
hand juicer, $19.95
paring knife, $9.95, the BEST paring knives ever
bar towels, $19

We hope that this gets you started stocking your own bar!

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