Monday, December 6, 2010

love of a semicolon

I am known for my random comments, thoughts, actions, etc. Today I (obviously insert “randomly” here) mentioned to Tallahassee that I have been obsessed with semicolons lately. “Oh my God, so have I,” she wildly exclaimed.  Said brief tete-a-tete was obviously worthy of a post.  You see, semicolons are like a natural waist belt.  The outfit, or sentences, can survive without it, but to add a belt (semicolon) adds that extra polish; it separates your outfit from everyone else’s.

Below please find a quick lesson on how to properly use our beloved sentence accessory.  

Use a semicolon when you link two independent clauses with no connecting words. For example:
I am going shopping; I intend to buy something sparkly.

You can also use a semicolon when you join two independent clauses together with one of the following conjunctive adverbs (adverbs that join independent clauses): however, moreover, therefore, consequently, otherwise, nevertheless, thus, etc. For example:

I am going shopping; moreover, I intend to buy something sparkly.
*examples were altered slightly from the original Purdue version

Now go you adorable fashionistas; make us proud with your witty perfectly punctuated sentences.   And remember, perfect punctuation is always stylish!

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