Monday, December 6, 2010

the essential list

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Although we preach buying affordable items, some of the basics in your closet should last you forever (or close to it). That being said, not all of these essentials have jaw-dropping price tags, but some are definitely investment pieces.  Spend wisely when building your wardrobe's foundation.

Here’s the list:

1.  White Button-up
-Thomas Mason for J. Crew, $150

2.  White T-shirts
-Target  $8 (stock up; they're so cheap!)
-J. Crew $29.50

3.  Black Pumps
-Nine West  $69
-Ann Taylor $158

4.  Black flats
-Ann Taylor  $98

5.  Black bags
-Cole Haan  $260
-Coach $398

6.  Skinny Belts
-Blue Fly, Calvin Klein $19

7.  Black pencil skirts
-J. Crew, $118

8.  Tights
-Madewell, $17
-Anthropologie, $12.50
-Zara: if you can get yourself to a Zara, they have fabulous black tights for only $15.50

9.  Jeans
-Gap, Forever Skinny, $60
-Scoop, Seven Jeans, $155
-J. Crew, Black Jeggings, $88

10.  Black trousers
-Net-a-porter, Vince cropped trousers, $230
-J. Crew, $130

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