Tuesday, September 6, 2011

off to the races

Objective: win millions at the tracks using our newly discovered talents for betting on horses.

-slash- bet solely on our like/dislike of a horse's name.

place your bets!

Amanda's winning ticket.  She got $6 for betting on Hot Engagement.

the naked sweater.  not quite as sexy as Carrie Bradshaw's naked dress:

 close up of Amanda's fantastic find at Home Depot

and they're off!

the end.

sweater: banana republic, scarf: amanda's mother's, necklace: j crew, shorts: express, shoes: mia, bag: home depot

here's a list of similar finds:
1.  sweater, land's end, $19.99
2.  scarf, yoox, $86
3.  shorts, topshop, $66
4.  wedges, piperlime, $39.99
5.  bag, Home Depot (comes in several different sizes)

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