Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the wish list

The moment I buy a plane ticket, I start packing.  If not physically (usually have it packed weeks before), absolutely mentally.  I am thrilled to be heading towards frosty Minnesota to celebrate my wonderful mother's birthday in just a few short weeks.  Most of my winter coats have been left there (not much of a need for them here on the West coast), but what oh what shall I wear for my arrival?!  There will be some seriously cold weather greeting me as I step off of the plane! (Oh, I just can't wait for that bitter cold to hit me!  Seriously, it's sick, but I love it!)  As soon as I saw this picture of SJP shooting a new movie, I knew it was perfect.  If you are not in the cold now, I hope you all get the chance to visit somewhere chilly this winter!

Here's the list:
1.  zara coat, $89.99 (on sale!)
2.  llbean, town and field leather tote $149 (my personal policy is to buy quality, and you only cry once, but if you just can't swing it at the moment... aldo, $50)
3.  ugg, leather gloves, $95
4.  saks fifth avenue, ear warmers, $85
5.  hat, asos, $21.52
6.  topshop, luggage, $160
7.  zara, sunglasses, $9.99, now $7.99!

photo credit: us magazine

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