Monday, December 20, 2010

the wish list

Yes, we live on the West Coast, and yes it is currently 60 degrees and raining, but yet, we are still desperately wishing we could have anyone of these beautiful bits of fur wrapped around us right now.  While the man may make absolutely gorgeous gowns, he has a gift with the fur.
PETA will soon be adding our little blog to their hate list, but nothing can stop our love.... Can you blame us?


Ahh, this brings me back to my childhood. My grandmother used to have old shoes and purses in her basement that we would play dress up in.  The two things my sister and I fought over every. single. time? The gold sparkly heels, and the (faux) fur muff. Thank goodness some things never change! I honestly think we should bring it back, it looks so ladylike! Although, I wouldn’t actually let that tuft of heaven anywhere near the bus.... If I had one of these I might honestly consider moving back to the cold weather; it would absolutely be worth it!

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