Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the wish list

Everything these days, from our workplaces to closets, seem to have an almost informal (aka lazy, somewhat trashy generation) feel to them. Perhaps this is why we are so capitivated by shows and movies that take place in the past. Mad Men, The Tudors, and most recently, Boardwalk Empire are set in worlds of mystery and power which we find most intoxicating. We will admit our latest obsession, Boardwalk Empire, could be in (large) part to the endless hats, sequined dresses, and fur coats on display. Oh and a man in a suit is just so damn attractive. Mmmm.... anyway, without further adieu, we give you our latest wish list addition, inspired by the fabulous flappers of the wild prohibition days:

saja dress, BP6252, $980

for locations, click here

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