Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the home decor list

Ahhh the parents are coming to town for the holidays, suddenly you notice the chip in the paint on the inside of your closet, the light bulb out above the guest bed, and the coffee stain on the side of your lounge chair (just one little drop, but you know your mom will see it the moment she walks in the door!)... the list can probably go on and on.  Here are a few easy ways to give your apartment a cozy cottage feel for the parents’ holiday visit, leaving you with plenty of time to get to all of the other things on the to do list.

I have a white couch (which I love), but it seems a bit too summery.  Love the idea of tossing a tartan print over it (not just over the arm, but cover the couch).  I personally like a dark base with a large print (small print can look a bit busy). As it turns out tartan throws can get quite expensive... head to the fabric store.  I found my Stewart black inspired print in the suiting department for $15 a yard. Otherwise, this Pendleton Throw is lovely! Neutral cable knit pillows are perfectly cozy on top, and can stay on long after the tartan has been stored for the summer. Change your light colored lamp shades out for a dark color that coordinates with your new throw. 

Sparkles and candles always feel like the holidays.  Z Gallerie is my go to for sparkly home accessories.  Fill the table top trays with candles of varying heights. 

1. sparkly trays, z gallerie, $13
2. candles, walmart, $4-24
3. throw, pendleton, $98
4. lamp shade, everylampshade, $4-$50
5. pillows, pottery barn, $39 each
6. pillow, pottery barn, $39

Now I always recommend holiday decorations (some garland here, some clear lights.... everywhere), but I know they add up (and who has the room to store them all after?!) Finally, the perfect finish for the fantastic hostess you are? Have your pantry stocked with the snacks and drinks that they love.

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