Friday, December 17, 2010

the holiday shopping list

Oh what to buy these amazing women! My mother has an fantastic sense of style, but (unfortunately for me) she buys everything she wants or needs! And for the new moms, you know they are busy taking care of their new bundles of joy. So, whether it is for a brand new mom, or a mom that seems to have the answer to everything, jewelry is a safe bet. In combination our parents have been married for 77 years! So, their wedding china has probably seen better days (Mom-I swear it was the dog that knocked it off the table). is AMAZING, just be sure you know the china maker/model- they have a million and one options.

Spa cert. Can’t go wrong, most moms just don’t seem to pamper themselves as much as they deserve (each day that passes we are more and more aware of all the things they did for us). Pick her favorite local spot, or if you’re not sure a gift certificate from lets her pick. Even better plan a day together- you know she would love a little quality time with her favorite fashionable daughter. 

My family has the old 8mm videos, but they are so fragile. HomeMovieDepot makes the process of having them transferred to dvd easy. Love the idea that they will be around for years to come-- let the bowl cut live on! Yes, I looked like Dorothy Hamel for a good 3 years........ 

here's the list:

1. moblie, frazier & wing, $75-$100
2. world of kiehl’s set, neiman marcus, $49
3. necklace, nordstrom, $98
4. taj blanket, giggle, $68
5. bombay elephant pillow, giggle, $52
6. framed bird print, eden & eden, $58
7. necklace, chicos $54
8. cake stand, pan american phoenix, $175

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